Yoga for patients and carers in a palliative day care setting.


Abstract:  This study suggests that yoga can be of benefit to patients (and carers) in palliative care settings. Complementary therapies have been employed in our day care unit for several years–aromatherapy, reflexology and massage–and have grown in popularity, enabling relaxation and a feeling of well-being. For patients striving to remain physically fit and, in consultation with our physiotherapist, we felt there may be a role for a gentle form of yoga. A study of the literature yielded information on yoga and cancer but little evidence of its use in palliative care. Having identified a form of yoga that could be adapted for those with physical frailties– Dru yoga–a 12-week pilot project was introduced into the day care unit. This proved to be highly successful and has now been incorporated as part of our therapeutic service.


International Journal of Palliative Nursing



Resource Type:

Journal Article


McDonald A, Burjan E, Martin S.