What is the Best Term in Spanish to Express the Concept of Cancer-Related Fatigue?


Abstract:  Fatigue is one of the most frequent symptoms in patients with cancer. No adequate term in Spanish has been defined to describe the English concept of fatigue.  The aim of this study is to identify the most suitable Spanish words that define the concept of fatigue and to check psychometric characteristics.  Consensus methods were used with professional experts on Spanish words that best suit the English concept of fatigue. A prospective study on oncologic patients was also undertaken, which included an evaluation of the intensity of fatigue through visual numeric scales (VNS) where the words had been previously selected. The fatigue subscale of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Fatigue (FACT-F) questionnaire was taken as a reference.


Journal of Palliative Medicine


Volume 12, Number 5, 2009

Resource Type:

Journal Article


Centeno, M.D., Ph.D et al