Tool #6 PDF: Conversation Scripts: Getting Past The Resistance


American Bar Association: Consumer’s Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning


Communication is the single most important step in health care planning. Talk about your wishes with the people who may be called upon to speak or decide for you. Why is this important?

1. No matter what your advance directive says, others will not fully understand your wishes. The more thoroughly you communicate, the easier it will be for everyone to respect your wishes.
2. It will help you think about what you want. Others will ask you questions or tell you things that will make you think about your wishes in another way.
3. It will help your loved ones make difficult decisions with less pain, doubt, and anxiety.
4. It may save money. Sometimes families continue medical treatments long past the point where they are helpful, simply because they are unsure what their loved one would have wanted. This is emotionally and financially costly … and unnecessary.
5. It may even bring your family closer together.


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