The Urban Zen Foundation


This organization was just recommended to me and is a vision and project of fashion designer, Donna Karen.  The Urban Zen Center is located in the Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, New York.  The website is very interesting to read through and offers a multitude of subject matter all centered around patients dealing with long-term illness.  It was Donna’s experience dealing with her husband’s illness that inspired her to create the Urban Zen Foundation.  I believe that not only will these centers become important components of long term care, from the beginning to the end of a disease trajectory, but will help to change the expectations of patients when dealing with an illness and make such integrated care the status quo.
The attached video offers a nice overview of Donna’s vision and the facility that is currently in use.
 Mission:  “Our focus is to change the current healthcare paradigm to include integrative medicine and promote patient advocacy. We must treat the patient with the same passion we treat the disease by combining western science with nutrition, yoga and eastern healing practices.”

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