Support Needs of Informal Hospice Caregivers: A Qualitative Study


This article is about the needs of informal caregivers (family, friends) as they care for hospice patients.  As of September 18th, the article is ahead of print and only available online through the Journal of Palliative Medicine.  Family and friends often fall into these important roles of caregiving with the best of intentions.  Others fall into them out of necessity.  Either way, when spending time in an environment that tugs at such strong human emotions, it is nearly impossible to foresee how a caregiver will cope with the events that unfold.  This study examines the needs of caregivers to better understand when and how a telephone based counceling service could be of use.


Journal of Palliative Medicine


September 18, 2009 (ahead of print): doi:10.1089/jpm.2009.0178

Resource Type:

Journal Article


Jean Kutner, Kristin M. Kilbourn, et al