Oropharyngeal dysphagia: the experience of patients with non-head and neck cancers receiving specialist palliative care.


Abstract:  Difficulty swallowing is a well-documented symptom in head and neck cancer and oesophageal malignancy. The frequency of oropharyngeal swallowing difficulties in the palliative phase of other malignancies is less reported.  The aim of this study is to describe the patient experience of swallowing and associated difficulties while receiving specialist palliative care for malignancies other than those affecting the head and neck and to identify the quality of life issues for the participants with dysphagia and compare with normative and dysphagic data provided by SWAL-QOL.


Palliative Medicine


2007 Oct;21(7):567-74.

Resource Type:

Journal Article


Roe JW, Leslie P, Drinnan MJ.