Music Therapy in an Integrated Pediatric Palliative Care Program


National experts have recommended that children with life-limiting illnesses receive integrated palliative and medical care. These programs offer a variety of services, including music therapy. Using survey data from parents whose were enrolled in Florida’s Partners in Care: Together for Kids (PIC:TFK) program, this study investigates parents’ experiences with music therapy. About 44% of children with life-limiting illnesses and 17% of their siblings used music therapy. For children who used music therapy, multivariate results suggest that their parents were 23 times as likely to report satisfaction with the overall PIC:TFK program (P < .05) versus parents whose children did not use music therapy. Pediatric palliative care programs should include music therapy, although recruiting licensed music therapists may be challenging.


American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care


Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2009;26(6):449-55

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Journal Article


Knapp C, Madden V, Wang H, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman E