Facilitating forgiveness and peaceful closure: the therapeutic value of psychosocial intervention in end-of-life care.


Abstract:  The importance of addressing psychosocial concerns with dying patients is pivotal to facilitating peaceful closure in end of- life care. The social worker’s role in recognizing and providing skilled, psychosocial intervention with patients and families in hospice programs is significant. In this article, the literature in this area is examined and a case example of a hospice patient’s need for closure and the responsive social work intervention for the patient in his moment of death is provided. The case offers social work knowledge and skills and demonstrates the therapeutic benefit of addressing psychosocial needs in end-of-life care. The importance of targeted training and continued skill development for social workers in end-of-life treatment settings is emphasized.


Journal of Social Work in end-of-life and Palliative Care



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Journal Article


Baker M.