Educational needs of hospice social workers: spiritual assessment and interventions with diverse populations.


Abstract:  Based on a national survey, this study analyzes the roles and educational needs of hospice social workers regarding assessment and intervention in spirituality, religion, and diversity of their patients. Sixty-two social workers responded to the survey. Results suggest that spiritual care is shared among hospice team members and that most social workers feel comfortable in addressing these issues. However, role conflict and role ambiguity also exist. Respondents to the survey often felt ill-prepared to deal with some complex faith-based conflicts related to diversity. They saw themselves in need of assessment models and end-of-life decision-making interventions regarding assisted suicide and euthanasia. This study provides recommendations for social work practice, education, and research.


The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care


2004 Jan-Feb;21(1):40-6.

Resource Type:

Journal Article


Wesley C, Tunney K, Duncan E.