# 232 Family Presence During Resuscitation


Medical College of Wisconsin (EPERC)


Background:  Cardiopulmonary resuscitations are abrupt and traumatic clinical events that frequently result in a patient’s death or permanent change in health status (Fast Fact #179). Not only can the time period of the resuscitation be the only chance family members have to see a patient before death, but families are sometimes called upon to make end-of-life or other critical medical decisions during this highly emotional event. Allowing family presence during resuscitation (FPDR) has been proposed as a way to better support the emotional needs of family members and facilitate improved decision-making. This Fast Fact discusses the potential benefits and pitfalls of FPDR. Fast Fact #233 discusses key elements of an institutional policy to effectively implement and maximize the benefits of FPDR.


Fast Facts and Concepts. August 2010; 232

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Ciarán Bradley MD, MA, Melech Lensky BCC, JD, and Karen Brasel MD, MPH

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