# 082 Medicare Hospice Benefit: Part 1 Eligibility and Treatment Plan, 2nd ed


Medical College of Wisconsin (EPERC)


Background:   In the United States, the Medicare Hospice Benefit (MHB) pays for 80% of all hospice care. Established in 1983, the MHB pays for medical, nursing, counseling, and bereavement services to terminally ill patients and their families. The original goal of the MHB was to support families caring for a dying relative at home. Under certain circumstances, hospice services under the MHB can also be provided in a nursing home or the acute care hospital. Referral for hospice care is appropriate when the overall plan of care is directed toward comfort rather than reversing the underlying disease process. Fast Facts #87, 90, and 140 further discuss the MHB.


Fast Fact and Concept #82. 2nd Edition. November 2007

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Robin Turner, MD & Drew Rosielle, MD

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