# 022 Writing a Condolence Letter, 2nd ed


Medical College of Wisconsin (EPERC)


Introduction:  One of the most meaningful acts of kindness you can do for a mourner is to write a letter of condolence. The words of sympathy and memory are comforting to the bereaved. More importantly, mourners are very appreciative that you took the time to sit and com¬pose a personal message to them or share a memory of the deceased. For professionals who work with dying patients, writing a condolence letter is an opportunity to reflect on both the pain and the rewards of our work. When we can appreciate the privilege it is to bear witness to the courage, kindness, caring and dignity that our patients and their families exhibit under duress, it gives us strength to continue this work.


July 2005; 22.

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Ron Wolfson PhD and Elizabeth Menkin MD

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